Crime Lab Mysteries by S. Connell Vondrak, set in Washington, DC



The Evidence is Clear cover

What do you do when you have all the evidence you need to solve a crime and the evidence is wrong?   Step inside the world of crime scenes, forensics and Washington D.C. politics as you have never encountered before. 

Crime Lab Mysteries are mysteries designed for those readers with a serious interest in the real world of forensic evidence, crime scene investigation and murder. 

The first book, No Evidence of a Crime, follows the investigation of a murdered congressional aide whose death can easily be explained by a stack of reports from the crime lab but the case takes a darker turn as the detectives realize the results reported by the crime lab cannot possibly be true.

Now the second book, The Evidence is Clear, is available from Oak Tree Publishing and Amazon

Written by S. Connell Vondrak, who has worked as a forensic scientist for over twenty years, this book follows the evidence as no other book can.  Whether you are a fun loving mystery buff or a diehard forensic fan, you will love following the fast-paced, ever changing path as two Washington, D.C. detectives figure out what the evidence truly means.